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Best flashlights

The best flashlight for every need - our top recommendations

A reliable flashlight is a useful tool in dark situations, whether for outdoor adventures, DIY projects or emergencies. But how do you find the right one for you and which flashlight is the best? We explain the most important selection criteria and then give some recommendations for our Ledlenser flashlights.

This text should show you what makes a good flashlight and help you find the best LED flashlight for you.

How to choose the best flashlight? Important selection criteria

Buying good, high-quality flashlights can be quite overwhelming. You may be asking yourself: How do I recognize a good flashlight?

We have collected the most important factors to ensure that you get the right Ledlenser flashlight for your requirements. Some of the important considerations and questions you should ask yourself before buying a flashlight include:

  • Brightness and performance
    A high luminous flux in lumens means more brightness, but also higher energy consumption. You should therefore assess beforehand whether you need the flashlight to shine brightly (e.g. as a searchlight) or whether you need it for everyday situations where it is more important that it provides you with sufficient light for a long time.

  • Size and weight
    Depending on the intended use, the size and weight of the flashlight can be important. Compact models are ideal for everyday use on the go, while larger flashlights may be required for professional tasks.

  • Battery life and power source
    Consider the battery life and the type of power source. Rechargeable batteries are more environmentally friendly and often more cost-effective in the long run, while replaceable batteries can be more practical in some situations.

  • Robustness and water resistance
    If you want to use the flashlight for outdoor activities, make sure it has a robust construction and sufficient water resistance to withstand adverse conditions.

  • Additional features
    Consider whether you need additional functions such as different light modes, focusing or an SOS function. These can be very useful depending on the intended use.

  • Convenient operation
    Look for user-friendly operation, including easily accessible switches or buttons and ergonomic handles for a comfortable grip.

  • Material quality and durability
    Your flashlight should also be durable and robustly constructed. This means it can withstand the demands of daily use, dropping and possible falls. Therefore, make sure you use robust plastics and high-quality materials such as aluminum alloys.

Woman is using a flashlight for searching something under the bed

Finding the right flashlight for your purpose

When choosing the perfect flashlight, it is important to keep your personal requirements and the intended use in mind. That's why we have also organized the criteria according to different purposes.

Here are some useful selection criteria to help you find the best flashlight for your needs:

For everyday use

  • Lightweight: A lightweight and compact flashlight is ideal for everyday use on the go, whether you're walking the dog or running errands at dusk or in the dark.

For outdoor activities

  • Water resistance: A water-resistant flashlight is essential for outdoor activities such as campinghiking or fishing where weather conditions can be unpredictable.
  • Shock resistance: A shock-resistant construction ensures that the flashlight can withstand the demands of outdoor activities and will not be damaged by falls or harsh conditions.

For professional use

  • Robust construction: When working in the workshop, on construction sites or in other professional environments, it is important to have a robust flashlight that can withstand daily use and possible falls.
  • High performance: A flashlight with high light output and long battery life is essential for professional use to ensure optimum visibility even in dark working environments.

For emergencies or self-defense
  • Emergency functions: Flashlights with an SOS function or strobe light can be life-saving in an emergency by attracting attention or scaring off potential attackers.

So now you know what criteria make high-quality flashlights and which functions are important for which purpose. If you would like to buy a flashlight, take a look at our recommendations now.

Ledlenser top recommendations for the best flashlight

Here you will find our best flashlights, which are characterized by their performance, versatility and quality.

P7R Signature

Our best flashlight - P7R Signature

The P7R Signature is the most popular and best Ledlenser flashlight. Why? It's simple: it's handy, bright and offers an amazing light range. In Boost mode, it has a full 2000 lumens, bringing light into the darkest situations. Our patented Advanced Focus System (AFS) allows you to transition smoothly from homogeneous close-range light to sharply focused long-range light. The focused light range is a full 330 meters and the additional red light function maintains your night vision in the dark.

The P7R Signature is particularly robust and protected against water and dust. (IP68) The rechargeable battery offers you a runtime of up to 90 hours. This makes it ideal as a loyal companion on your adventures. You can then charge your flashlight conveniently using the included wall mount and the Magnetic Charge System.

P18R Signature

P18R Signature - Our most powerful flashlight

With its 4500 lumens, the P18R Signature is our brightest flashlight, the Ledlenser lumen flagship, so to speak. The patented Advanced Focus System, high dust, water and corrosion protection (IP54) and Smart Light Technology for personalized light functions leave nothing to be desired. In addition, our Constant Light function ensures that your flashlight provides you with a constantly high luminous flux for a long period of time.

The powerful rechargeable battery accompanies you for up to 70 hours and can be conveniently recharged using the Magnetic Charge System. Thanks to the quick-charging function, the P18R Signature is ready for use again in no time at all.

P7 Core

Good flashlight with replaceable batteries - P7 Core

Our P7 Core has proven to be our best everyday flashlight with replaceable batteries. It is a reliable, handy classic in a new design. Here, too, we continue to use four AAA alkaline batteries, which provide the flashlight with the proven light power of 450 lumens.

The P7 Core is also equipped with our patented Advanced Focus System (AFS), which enables a smooth transition from homogeneous close-range light to sharply focused long-range light. Thanks to Rapid Focus, you can focus and defocus the light beam quickly and easily with just one hand.

P3 Core

Our best mini flashlight - P3 Core

The ultra-compact and small P3 Core flashlight is a real Ledlenser despite its size. The mini flashlight impresses with its powerful output of 90 lumens and a light range of 110 meters and fits in any trouser or jacket pocket. It weighs a feather-light 42 grams (including batteries).

The P3 Core is also equipped with our patented Advanced Focus System and can therefore be continuously focused at any time. The scope of delivery includes a practical clip-on clip and the required AAA alkaline batteries. Alternatively, the P3 Core can also be operated with a rechargeable NiMH battery.


K6R flashlight - Small & powerful on your keyring

Our K6R keychain light provides you with an impressive brightness of up to 400 lumens, making it much brighter than most smartphone flashlight functions. With the integrated carabiner, you can easily attach the K6R to your key ring or rucksack.

Thanks to the red light function, your night vision is not impaired. You also benefit from the practical transport lock, which protects your K6R from being switched on unintentionally. You can easily charge the Ledlenser flashlight via the integrated USB-A port - without an additional charging cable.

P7R Core

Our all-rounder flashlights - P6R Core and P7R Core

The P6R Core and the P7R Core offer very good value for money and will convince you if you are looking for a genuine Ledlenser without the additional features of the Signature models.

With up to 900 lumens, the P6R Core is our brightest flashlight under 100 euros. It is perfectly protected against dust and water and is suitable for everyday use as well as for your outdoor adventures. It is infinitely dimmable and configurable thanks to our innovative Smart Light Technology. Of course, the patented Advanced Focus System is also on board, which ensures our typical, perfect light image thanks to Multi-Core Optics.

Our P7R Core in an elegant and lightweight housing impresses with exceptional lighting power of up to 1400 lumens and pioneering technologies. Thanks to Smart Light Technology, all light functions can be personalized and the P7R Core can even withstand prolonged immersion thanks to its extreme protection against water and dust. This makes the P7R Core the ideal flashlight for any occasion.


The best flashlight for children - KIDBEAM4

Our KIDBEAM4 is the best little flashlight for children. The robust flashlight is available in two different designs and lights up in four colors. It has white, red, green and blue light, as well as a flashing function. The KIDBEAM4 also impresses with practical, child-specific features such as the integrated clip for a good grip on clothing or rucksacks and the automatic switch-off function.

The AAA alkaline batteries included in the scope of delivery power the flashlight for up to 18 hours.

P6R Core QC

Our top recommendation with colored light - P6R Core QC

The P6R Core QC impresses with its bright and continuously focusable light in four different colors. In addition to normal white light, the robust flashlight also provides red light (for glare-free night vision), green light (for observing game) or blue light (for searching for tracks). This makes it the favorite tool of many hunters, anglers and photographers.

Alternatively, you can also activate the multicolor strobe, which emits flashes of light in all four colors simultaneously. The maximum light duration of the P6R Core QC is up to 120 hours. The battery is easily recharged using the micro USB cable supplied.

Workers Friend

Workers Friend - The versatile 4-in-1 flashlight

The Workers Friend is our most versatile flashlight thanks to the four attachments included. For example, you benefit from a swivel attachment that directs the light exactly where you need it or the flexible attachments that illuminate every nook and cranny. For applications where you would otherwise have to use two or three different lamps, you can simply swap the attachments on the Workers Friend and save money and space.

The flashlight attachment with sliding focus offers you up to 280 lumens and two dimming levels. With a battery life of up to 5 hours, the Workers Friend is your reliable everyday companion.

The mounting lamp attachment, which can be swiveled through 180 degrees, impresses with up to 350 lumens and has an 11.5 cm long light unit (COB LED). This allows you to fix the flashlight to your workstation and flexibly align the light unit to illuminate the area optimally.

You can also use the 32 cm long, flexible and one-handed focused gooseneck lamp attachment. This allows you to bring reliable light into tight spaces or angled work areas.

The flexible inspection lamp attachment, with a diameter of just 4.3 mm, is suitable for the smallest openings.

Best flashlight - Frequently asked questions and answers

The best flashlight is characterized by high brightness, robust construction, long battery life and additional features such as water-resistant or shockproof properties.

Yes, LED flashlights are generally brighter, more energy-efficient and more durable than conventional flashlights with light bulbs.

The best flashlight for outdoor use should be waterproof, shockproof and durable to withstand the demands of camping, hiking and other outdoor activities.

Important criteria are brightness, performance, size, weight, battery life, power source, robustness, water resistance and additional features such as different light modes or emergency functions.

The best tactical flashlight should offer high light output, rugged construction, long battery life and additional tactical features such as strobe light or a blinding function for self-defense.

One of the best flashlights in this price range is the Ledlenser P7R Core. With outstanding performance, long battery life and high-quality workmanship, it offers unbeatable value for money.

The Ledlenser P7R Signature is an excellent choice for self-defense purposes. With its high light output, robust construction and ability to create glare effects, it is ideal for deterring potential attackers and drawing attention to yourself in emergency situations.