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Flashlights for train drivers, train attendants and railroad staff

As an engine driver or train attendant, a reliable flashlight is indispensable. It enables railroad staff to keep an overview and ensure safety even in the darkest corners of the train or along the tracks. However, not all flashlights are suitable for use on the railroads. Here you can find out which criteria you should look out for when choosing your railroad flashlight.

P6R Core QC: Flashlight with 4 light colors

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The P6R Core QC from Ledlenser is the ideal flashlight for railroad workers. The high-quality hand lamp impresses with its compact size, simple operation and robust housing. It has four light colors - white, red, green and blue - which you can switch between quickly and easily during operation using a rotary switch on the lamp head.

With three light modes and a focus function, it enables both wide illumination of the close range and targeted illumination of the long range. In the highest light mode, the flashlight achieves a brightness of up to 270 lumens and a light range of up to 335 meters. With IP54 protection, it is unaffected by rain and thanks to its robust housing, it can withstand a fall from a height of at least 1.5 meters without damage.

The P6R Core QC is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery included in the scope of delivery, which is charged in the torch via a micro USB cable. The battery lasts up to 5 hours in the highest lighting mode and up to 110 hours in the lowest mode.

With a weight of just 207 grams and a length of 15.7 centimetres, the flashlight fits easily into a jacket pocket or can be worn on a belt with the matching holster.

About P6R Core QC

What criteria should a railroad flashlight meet?

  • Brightness and range: A flashlight with sufficient brightness and range is essential for use on the train or platform. Make sure you choose a torch with an appropriate number of lumens to ensure good illumination. A sufficient range is also important to illuminate distant objects, whether inspecting trains or illuminating platforms. A range of 300 meters and a luminous flux of 250 lumens in the highest light mode should be provided in any case.

  • White, red and green light: In addition to a flashlight with white light, train drivers and conductors also need a flashlight with red and green low beam light to be able to give precise signals. With a flashlight that is equipped with several light colors, there is no need to carry several lamps. It is important to be able to switch quickly between the light colors and not have to spend a long time searching for the right one.

  • Flood and spot function: In order to provide both targeted illumination in the distance and effective illumination at close range, the flashlight should offer the option of switching between a wide flood light for the immediate surroundings and a focused spot light for the distance.

  • Robustness and weather resistance: As you often work in different weather conditions as an engine driver or train crew member, it is important that your flashlight is robust and weather-resistant. It should be able to withstand knocks and falls and be protected from water so that it can work reliably even in rain or snow. When choosing a flashlight, you should therefore make sure that it has an IP rating of at least IPX4. This means it is protected against splashing water such as normal rain. It should also be able to withstand a drop of at least one meter without damage.

  • Power supply: The power supply is a decisive factor when choosing a flashlight. Many modern flashlights use rechargeable batteries, which is practical and saves costs. It is very practical if they can be recharged directly in the torch. Ideally, the battery should last for several hours so that you are not suddenly left in the dark. Alternatively, you can also choose models that run on standard batteries so that you can easily buy replacements in an emergency.

  • Handling and size: A flashlight for professional use should be easy to operate and have an ergonomic shape that is comfortable to hold even during long periods of use. Make sure that the torch is not too big or too heavy for you to carry comfortably, whether in your pocket or on your belt.

Flashlights with a long range

If you are mainly looking for a second flashlight with a long range, Ledlenser has a number of models in the P17R Core, the P18R Signature and the P18R Work, which shine over 500 meters. However, these are somewhat larger and heavier than the P6R Core QC.