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A man in the dark ist using a flashlight and a headlamp

Ledlenser Smart Light Technology - Individual light at the touch of a button

With Smart Light Technology (SLT) Ledlenser offers the individualization of the functions and features of the lamps at the touch of a button or with the app.

Too bright, too dark, never the right mode at hand when you need it: Many flashlights on the market are shipped with factory settings that do not meet individual needs. The functions are good, the light is bright, but the desired light mode, which you actually need almost exclusively, is far away. So always switch through all modes first? That can cost not only nerves, but also time.

Ledlenser has therefore developed a concept with Smart Light Technology (SLT), with which you can easily program your LED lamp yourself. The sequence of light modes, light intensity and other functions can be fully influenced and individualized. Here you will find an overview of the possibilities of customizing your Ledlenser lamps with the smart light technology.

Customize your LED lamp with Smart Light Technology

Smart technology is a product of digital transformation. From smart homes to smart gadgets such as robotic vacuum cleaners to smart cars, the applications of devices are so tailored to human needs that users of smart technology can exert maximum individual influence on devices.

Such is the case with Ledlenser smart light technology. As part of the innovative technologies of Ledlenser products, you turn the LED flashlights, headlamps, lanterns and many other Ledlenser LED lamps into a personal light tool. With simple control over the buttons of the device like the P6R flashlight from the Signature series, you customize your product to your liking and have all the functions at your fingertips as you want. This will benefit you in household, leisure, sports, work and hobby.

Possibilities Smart Light Technology (SLT)

10 Clicks Later: The more functions an LED light has, the farther off in the sea of possibilities the light function you want can be. For example, if you want red light for nature observation at the top of the functions because a bright white light would drive away animals, then you can easily set that thanks to Ledlenser Smart Light Technology, as with the P7R Signature. Even if you want to start with a dimmed energy-saving mode or the strobe function, that's entirely up to you.

With SLT, you program the functions of your Ledlenser lamp with the built-in microcontroller. Using the example of the P6R Signature flashlight, the all-round model with high light output of up to 1,400 lm, programming the functions means that you assign the modes to a position on the lamp's rotary switch. You can choose from various functions and options.

Selecting light programs and using functions

The basic functions of the Ledlenser lamps are Energy Saving and Constant Current.

  • Energy Saving: The runtime of the lamp is maximized and the light output is adjusted slightly. This is particularly suitable if you want to use a long burn time of the lamp with moderate light.
  • Constant Current: With this efficient lighting method, the battery is optimally utilized for a uniformly high light output. The lamp does not shine at full power at the beginning and quickly loses power, but the power is optimized and effectively divided on the battery life.

Programming light functions

Your Ledlenser flashlights and headlamps have different light functions. With Smart Light Technology, you can program the functions of your LED lamp individually and thus tailor the lamp to your needs.

The functions include:

  • Power: With maximum luminosity, your Ledlenser lamp unfolds its full power.
  • Low Power: In many situations, the Low Power function is sufficient for good visibility. This saves battery and preserves the mood, for example, when hiking at night.
  • Strobe: With the extreme flashing light function, you can draw attention to yourself or ward off danger: Caution, danger of glare.
  • SOS: The SOS signal makes it clear that you need help and can alert rescuers to your presence.
  • Rotes Licht: Red light preserves night vision and is suitable for wildlife viewing, anglers and hunters. See the item description to determine if red light is available on a model.

Other modes available depending on the model include position light, flashing light, mid power and more.

Other smart features of your Ledlenser lamps are::

  • The display of the charging status
  • Memory Mode: Start with the last used function when you switch on the lamp.
  • Emergency Mode: If the power supply is interrupted in the event of a power failure, the lamp automatically lights up as an emergency light.
  • Back-up Mode: 25 percent of battery capacity is reserved for dimmed back-up lighting
  • Transportation Lock: The lamp does not turn on immediately when the button is pressed.

You can find out which functions are available for your lamp in the product descriptions and instructions in our online store. The functions can be activated or deactivated.

Program lamp with remote control and app

Many of the Ledlenser lamps can also be programmed via remote control or app and smartphone with Bluetooth. This includes the Ledlenser LED lantern ML6 Connect WL. Thanks to the app and remote control, you control and program one or a whole series of the lamps in a network. Like the lamps of your smart home, you adjust the brightness and modes to suit the needs and mood and create a sense of wonder at the next garden party.

The wireless remote control and app is also compatible with the H19R Signature and H7R Signature headlamps and allows individual programming of the smart headlamps.

The future shines individually

Ledlenser's modern LED lamps are a practical step towards interaction between man and machine. Your lamps are individually adjusted to you and so you have all the functions as desired at your disposal.

Your individual lamp supports you according to your habits and needs and lets you always decide easily how you need the lamp and which functions should make your everyday life easier and brighter.