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What can I do if my Ledlenser lamp flashes?

You have bought a flashlight or headlamp from Ledlenser, but it no longer turns on properly? Instead of emitting constant light, it only flashes? Or it flashes when charging? All this can have various causes, but a lamp is most likely not broken. In most cases when customers contact us and describe this problem, the transport lock of the lamp is activated. Here you can find out what other causes there may be for the flashing and how you can make your lamp shine again.

Your lamp flashes briefly when you switch it on and then goes out again? 
If your flashlight or headlamp flashes briefly when you try to switch it on, it is highly likely that the transport lock is activated.

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What is the Switch Lock the so called "Transportation Lock"?

The Transportation lock in a Ledlenser is an extremely useful feature that is often overlooked, but has a significant impact on the overall performance and usability of the device. 

As the name suggests, portable lamps are often transported to their place of use in bags or rucksacks. For this reason, almost all Ledlenser lamps have this so-called "transportation lock". This means that the lamp can be set so that it cannot be accidentally switched on during transportation, for example in a bag. 

A specific button combination is used to manually "lock" it for the duration of transportation. It can be unlocked again later using the same key combination. If the on switch of a lamp is pressed while it is in "Transportation Lock" mode, the lamp flashes briefly but does not switch on permanently.

This has the advantage that the lamp does not use up its available power unnecessarily and may even arrive at the place of use empty.

So if your lamp only flashes briefly when you want to switch it on, it may be that you have unknowingly activated the transportation lock using a key combination.

How do I switch the Transportation Lock on and off on my lamp?

The activation of the key lock varies depending on the model, but it is usually activated by pressing and holding a specific button or by pressing a special button combination. With the P7R Signature or the H19R Core, for example, the on switch must be pressed for 5 seconds. The lamp then emits a short light signal to indicate that it has accepted the setting. The exact combination is shown in the Quick User Guide (QUG) for the respective lamp. The button lock can be deactivated just as easily by pressing the required button combination again until the torch flashes again and then switches on. This makes the flashlight ready for use quickly and easily when it is needed.

How do I find the Quick User Guide für my lamp?
The Quick User Guide is included in the packaging of your lamp. If you no longer have it, you can also view the Quick User Guide digitally. Here in the store you will find the Quick User Guide for all products on the respective product page under the "Downloads" button. The Quick User Guide is also abbreviated with the letters QUG. This makes it easy to distinguish it from other documents in the download area. If your lamp has a transportation lock, this is explained in the Quick User Guide.

How do I find the name of my lamp?
Of course, you need to know the product name of your lamp in order to find the right Quick User Guide. The name of your lamp can be found on the side of the product in the case of a pole lamp and on the head of the lamp in the case of a headlamp.

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What other causes can there be for a flashing light if the reason is not the transportation lock? 

Unfortunately, we can't be clairvoyant either. In 95% of all cases, when customers contact us because their lamp is only flashing and can no longer be switched on, it is because the transport lock has been activated. However, if this is not the solution to the problem in your case, there are other possible reasons why a lamp is flashing.

  • The SOS function or strobe mode is switched on
    Both the SOS function and strobe mode are features in which the light flashes intentionally. If this is the case, you only need to change the mode of your lamp to get constant light again.

  • A battery of your lamp is empty or the battery level is very low
    If your light flashes briefly when you switch it on, but then provides constant light again, this is a warning signal that your battery level is very low. If it only flashes briefly and then goes out, the battery is flat. In both cases, you should simply recharge your lamp or replace the batteries
  • A contact in your lamp is broken
    Of course, it can also happen that there is a defect in your lamp. Fortunately, most of our lamps have a long warranty period of 7 years, provided you have registered them via our website. So feel free to contact us.

My Ledlenser lamp flashes red and/or green when charging 

Many Ledlenser lamps have a charge level indicator. If it flashes red when charging, the battery is not yet full. If it flashes green, it is fully charged. Some lamps also have an orange light to indicate a medium charge level. If the light flashes red and green even after a long period of charging, there may be a battery fault. For example, the battery may be faulty. In this case, we recommend replacing the battery.

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What can I do if I have not found a solution to the problem?

  You are always welcome to contact our support team. Our lamp specialists are here to help you with your problem.