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Best headlamps

The best headlamp for you - how to find it

As headlamps allow you to illuminate your field of vision while keeping both hands free, they have become a popular companion for outdoor enthusiasts, craftsmen and adventurers. Their practical handling makes them the preferred light source for sporting activities in the dark or in poorly lit environments. But you may be asking yourself: Which headlamp is the best?

In this article, we would like to give you an overview of the basic information on headlamps, explain important selection criteria and name the various possible uses of headlamps. We also present some of our high-quality products that will provide you with the light you need for your adventures and tasks.

What to look out for in a headlamp? Important factors and selection criteria

Headlamps are light sources that are attached to a headband and leave your hands free. This means you always have both hands free during your work or outdoor activities and still have a perfectly illuminated field of vision.

When buying a headlamp, you should consider several factors to find the best headlamp for your needs.

Some of the important factors include

  • Brightness and performance
    The headlamp should provide sufficient brightness for your activities. Pay attention to the specified luminous flux in lumens to assess the light intensity.

  • Light range and light cone
    Depending on the intended use, a greater light range or a wider light cone may be required. An adjustable light cone is often an advantage.

  • Weight and wearing comfort
    A lightweight headlamp and a well-fitting headband are particularly important for longer activities to ensure a comfortable fit.

  • Battery life and battery type
    Think about how long you will use the headlamp on average and whether you prefer a rechargeable battery or replaceable batteries.

  • Water resistance and robustness
    For outdoor activities, headlamps should be water-resistant and robustly built to withstand the conditions.

  • Light modes and settings
    Check whether the headlamp offers different light modes, such as near light, far light, dimming functions and SOS mode, to adapt to different light conditions.

Two people with headlamps in the mountains

The versatile uses of headlamps

The possible uses of headlamps are extremely versatile. They are suitable for any type of activity or work where you need a reliable light source and both hands at the same time.

Possible uses for headlamps include, among others:

  • Outdoor activities such as camping and hiking: Possible outdoor activities where a headlamp is useful include camping and hiking. A headlamp with high brightness, waterproof construction and long battery life is an advantage here.

  • Running and jogging in the dark: A headlamp is also extremely useful when running and jogging at dusk or in the dark. Use a lightweight and well-fitting headlamp with a wide beam for good visibility and safety.

  • Working in dark environments: A headlamp with a focused light beam and impact-resistant construction is important for tradesmen or repair work. This allows you to optimally illuminate your working environment and still have both hands free.

  • Night fishing or hunting: Headlamps with different light modes and a glare-free option for discreet lighting are particularly suitable for night fishing or hunting.

  • Caving and mountaineering: In environments with difficult lighting conditions, headlamps with high luminosity and a long range can help to identify obstacles and light the way.

  • Rescue and emergency operations: For rescue and emergency operations, a powerful headlamp with a wide beam and long battery life is essential to carry out an effective search or evacuation.

  • Reading or working at night: For reading or working in dark environments, headlamps with different light modes and a pleasant light color provide comfortable lighting without disturbing shadows.

  • Security and surveillance tasks: For security and surveillance tasks, headlamps with a red light mode or a glare-free option can be used for unobtrusive lighting to discreetly monitor the surroundings while maintaining your night vision.

The Ledlenser top recommendations - our best headlamps

Following on from the important selection criteria mentioned above and the versatile applications, we would like to give you some recommendations for our Ledlenser headlamps.

H19R Signature

The best outdoor headlamp - H19R Signature

The H19R Signature is the ultimate high-end headlamp for extreme athletes. With a luminous flux of up to 4000 lumens, it is the brightest headlamp from Ledlenser. This Ledlenser headlamp is specially designed for extreme athletes who need maximum brightness and versatility. But this headlamp is also ideal for hiking, camping, skiing and other outdoor sports.

Thanks to the fusion of an individually adjustable flood and spot LED, the H19R Signature creates a unique light image. The Ledlenser Connect app and Bluetooth connection allow the lamp to be personalized and controlled remotely.

The H19R Signature is versatile and can be flexibly mounted on helmets as an additional light. Additional features such as the red light, Optisense and IP68 protection against water and dust make this headlamp the perfect companion for your outdoor activities.

The H19R Signature offers maximum flexibility with its extensive range of accessories included in the scope of delivery. The scope of delivery includes:

  • Helmet holder
  • Extension cable
  • Tripod mount
  • Mounting clips
  • Velcro fasteners

HF8R Signature

Our most innovative headlamp - HF8R Signature

The HF8R Signature is the latest innovation from Ledlenser and sets new standards in terms of technology and performance. This headlamp combines numerous innovations and extreme luminosity in a robust and very light housing. It is specially designed for extreme situations and offers a luminous flux of up to 2000 lumens.

A special feature of the HF8R Signature is the Adaptive Light Beam technology, which enables automatic dimming and focusing. This allows you to use the lamp completely hands-free, without the need for manual control. This headlamp measures distances and adjusts the light intensity accordingly to ensure glare-free lighting.

Our HF8R Signature also features red, green and blue front light, making it particularly suitable for hunting, tracking or fishing at night. Thanks to the Digital Advanced Focus System, you can focus the light beam almost infinitely. You can control and personalize the headlamp remotely with the Ledlenser Connect app.

This powerful headlamp is waterproof for prolonged immersion (IP68) and offers you maximum reliability in any situation. The reflective headband also ensures additional safety during outdoor activities in the dark.

The HF8R is also available in Core and Work versions, whereby the Core version is ideal for basic use, while the Work version has been specially developed for professional use. No matter which version you choose, with the HF8R you get a headlamp that will stand by your side on all your adventures. In our guide, you can find out how our Core, Work and Signature models differ from one another.


The best headlamp for trail runners - NEO9R

The NEO9R is the best headlamp for trail runners and outdoor enthusiasts who want to explore the trails at night. Developed for extreme conditions and demanding terrain, the NEO9R is a true powerhouse that always provides you with reliable lighting.

With a light output of 1200 lumens and an endurance of up to 120 hours, the NEO9R is an off-road legend. Whether you're running cross-country, uphill or downhill, this headlamp provides close-range and long-range illumination in any situation. Thanks to its ergonomic design and detachable overhead strap, the NEO9R offers a perfect fit and wearing comfort even during fast-paced activities.

The NEO9R has a swivel head that allows you to flexibly adjust the light cone. In addition, the 360° rear light and reflective headband ensure maximum visibility and safety when running in the dark.

The NEO9R contains an extremely powerful, replaceable battery that can be easily recharged using the magnetic charging system with status LED. With this headlamp, you are perfectly equipped for any adventure and can explore the trails safely even in the dark.


The NEO1R headlamp - lightweight and compact

Our NEO1R is the ultimate headlamp for anyone looking for maximum performance with minimum weight. With its ultra-compact and feather-light design, it is the perfect choice for outdoor activities and exercise sports such as running or hiking.

Despite its minimalist design, the NEO1R offers a powerful output of 250 lumens, providing you with sufficient illumination. The additional red light not only serves as a signal light, but also helps you to maintain your night vision.

The reflective headband of the NEO1R not only offers a high level of comfort, but also additional safety in the dark. Thanks to its practical magnetic charging system, this headlamp can be recharged quickly and easily at any time.

With the NEO1R, you always have a reliable Ledlenser headlamp at hand that shows you the way even in the darkest situations and is barely noticeable.

HF6R Core

The best value for money - HF6R Core and H7R Core

If you are looking for a high-quality headlamp with LED at an affordable price, the HF6R Core and H7R Core from Ledlenser are the perfect options.

These lamps offer you both high luminosity and a long battery life and are ideal for everyday use, whether hiking, camping or DIY.

The HF6R Core is a slim headlamp that is intuitive to use thanks to the Focus Wheel, making it ideal for regular hikes and DIY projects. With three brightness levels and a red front light, it offers a wide range of applications. Thanks to the Digital Advanced Focus System, it is almost infinitely focusable and enables flexible illumination thanks to its pivoting lamp head.

The H7R Core is a versatile all-rounder among headlamps. With its powerful and long-lasting output of up to 65 hours and infinitely variable dimming function, it is suitable for a wide range of applications. The Advanced Focus System enables a seamless transition between near and far light, while the swivel lamp head allows the light to be directed flexibly.

To H7R Core

Both lamps are available in different versions, including the Work and Signature versions, which offer additional lumen output or reflective headbands. With their affordable price and reliable performance, the HF6R Core and H7R Core are the perfect companions for your outdoor adventures or daily activities.

Best headlamp - Frequently asked questions and answers

The Ledlenser NEO9R is the best headlamp for jogging. With its lightweight design, powerful light output and comfortable fit, it is perfect for runners who want to be safe even in the dark.

A good headlamp is characterized by its brightness, performance, comfort and reliability. It should meet the requirements of your specific activities.

A good headlamp should have at least 100 lumens to provide sufficient brightness for most outdoor activities. For more demanding activities such as trail running or mountaineering, higher lumen values are required.

The headlamp with the longest beam range is often the one with a focused beam and a high lumen count. Models with special optics such as the Advanced Focus System can offer an impressive light range.

The red light on a headlamp has several functions: It maintains the user's night vision without dilating the pupils and can be used as a signal light to warn others or make yourself noticed without dazzling.

When choosing a headlamp, you should consider factors such as brightness, performance, comfort, battery life, waterproofness and additional functions such as different light modes and setting options.

A headlamp with a wide and even beam of light and sufficient brightness is suitable for reading in poor lighting conditions. Models with dimmable light options are ideal for adapting the light intensity to the reading situation.