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Nr.: 502259

Charging Station Type A

Charging Station Type A 119,00 kr.*

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With this highly professional tool, the Ledlenser torch is always charged and at hand for the next use. The included magnetic charging cable (length: 120cm) can either be integrated directly into the charging station or used externally. The charging station is compatible with the Ledlenser 5 Station Charging Panel (Item No. 502261), in which up to five lights can be charged simultaneously. Especially popular with professional users, e.g. in workshops or factory halls.


  • Opladningsstation

Tekniske data

  • LED
  • Strømforsyning
    Genopladelig No
  • Bolig
    Materials PC + ABS
    Vand- og støvtæt IPXX
  • Downloads
    Name Size Typ
    1J07A0596_502259_Charging Station Type A_v1.0 20200803 P 1,17 MB pdf


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